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Time Lapse

The time lapse imagery was shot in various locations, Austin, San Antonio, and San Francisco over the course of 6 months.

Bicycle Music Video

Bicycle is available for download on iTunes

"Bicycle" represents the digital life that nearly all of us live in. Unfortunately, we sometimes never trust our own intuition, until it's too late and the necessity to stop everything, step back and reassess our lives while recognizing its absurdities and being able to move on is paramount in our digital world. Acknowledging when it's necessary to remove yourself from the stressful surroundings of our technological world is probably the most difficult aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, our world is reliant upon connectivity and the technology that supports our communication in the world everyday. When that connection is broken, even for a brief moment, our world begins to come apart at the seems.

Iron Pour

Iron Pour from Fran Trachta on Vimeo.

This film showcases the creative process of the sculptors and the work involved the scope of an iron pour, their passion for iron casting in the pursuit of art. The video was used to help obtain additional grant funding for future metal pours and workshops.